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Discover & Photograph Singapore's Hidden Gems

You will discover more of the Lion City if you start-out with a good plan. At Singapore Street Shots our Blogs will help you discover Singapore’s hidden gems. We'll give you Information & tips for creating stunning photos and exploring Singapore's neighborhoods.

The 4th in a Five blog series of “Singapore in Pictures-Telling your Singapore story with photos

Singapore restaurants off the beaten path


It's no secret that Singapore is known the world over as one of the top cities for both fine dinning and incredible Hawker food.

Neighborhood Market places also offer fantastic opportunities to photograph the Culture & Color of everyday life in Singapore. What is available at these markets will vary widely depending on the ethnicity of the neighborhood. Hence… Chinatown, Little India, Kampong Glam (the Arab quarter) and so on…

You'll quickly discover Singapore Markets are about more than just food, there is tones of great shopping you can do there. Everything is available from Scarf’s & Sari’s and Pramanik Dresses to baju kurong‘s.

Knowing we all love to make our family and friends overwhelmed with envy by taking photos of our food and posting online, lol... I'm going to help you with some great tips to make your Singapore cuisine look even better in photos, if that's possible lol.

In this blog we'll discuss some your options ranging from the ultra- upscale restaurants to the awesome cuisine at Singapore's neighborhood Hawkers.

Want to learn more about using the MRT & BUS system to quickly get around Singapore? See our Blog Using Singapore's MRT & BUS System to save time and money



At local Hawkers stall's you will discover an endless verity of different cuisines, featuring dishes from every corner of Asia.

So visiting some of Singapore’s neighborhood Hawkers & Food Centers is a must for every traveler.

Singapores Hawkers have been serving up delicious food to hungry people since its Malay beginnings, offering fast affordable meals to folks as they go about their busy lives.

Starting in the early 1800’s after the arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles came a flood of new immigrants from all over Asia. For some of these new arrivals Hawking food on the streets became an opportunity to support themselves in their new homeland.

Today’s Modern Hawker centers are somewhat different. Gone are the days when Hawkers set up their stahl's along the bustling streets, or roamed the streets with a mobile cart serving tasty meals to Singapore’s busy inhabitants.

Hawker centers today have evolved as Singapore has become a modern world class country, most are centrally located in every neighborhood and consist of more than just food. Nowadays many Hawkers have Markets, Wet Markets and local shops integrated as well, providing Singaporeans with almost everything needed for daily life. Indeed, they are the center point in the lives of almost every Singaporean.

Prices at hawkers are very affordable, usually you can get an entire meal & drink for $6-8 SGD… Looking closely at each stahl and you will notice a sign with a letter (A, B, C) prominently displayed. This grades the Stahl and shows how well the stall is maintained and operated, mostly you will see A’s and B’s with an occasional C. It takes a lot of hard work to achieve A or B status as Singapore inspectors are tough & thorough. However it’s the long lines of locals waiting patiently which give away the quality of a stalls cuisine.

Traveler’s will also find some large multi-level Hawker centers located in the tourist sections, these are great places to enjoy a bite to eat, do some shopping and explore. We want to encourage everyone to get off the beaten path and into the outlying neighborhoods, discovering the neighborhoods shops and visit the local Hawkers.

You’ll definitely want some photos of all that food, and some short videos of the stahls chef’s in action preparing your delicious dishes. So below are some great tips...

Be sure and include the name and location of the Hawker & Stahl in your Facebook posts, this helps the owners with some advertising and lets your friends know where to get great food.


  • Purchase a couple of different dishes. If you’re with a large group of friends or family encourage everyone to order different dishes and share. Be sure and get those great photos before you dive in.

  • Arrange your dishes, Chop sticks & drinks and get photos before you dig in.

  • Get in close and fill the frame with your dish or dishes, hold your camera at a 90 degree angle… (Consider using flash)

  • Get lots of photos and selfies of everyone enjoying their food, have fun, be creative and silly...

  • Make sure you include a nice photo of the Stall or Stalls, it’s name, location and address along with your incredible food photos when you post online. It helps the Stahl owners, so make a mini advertisement out of it.

  • VIDEO TIP 1- Setup your Smartphone for 4K video and keep videos short, 10-20 seconds. When shooting videos, slowly move your camera around your subject or slowly move in closer to the subject for a more cinematic look.

  • VIDEO TIP 2- Lock the exposure on your Smartphone or Camera before you start making videos... This will make your videos look more professional.

Checkout our list of great Singapore Hawkers, Restaurants & Roof-top Bars to fit every budget, along with links to their websites & addresses...

Hawkers & Local Dining Locations in Singapore $
Download PDF • 51KB

Book a Singapore Street Shots Photo walk and let us help you create stunning photos for your Singapore story, or purchase a Selfie Lah Mobile trek and take the path less traveled at your own pace.



At the heart of every neighborhood is the Market Place, its a place that every Singaporean young and old are connected to. This is basically true for people all over the world, that's why we are so fascinated and drawn to the Market Place when traveling in distant lands. We love to see the differences in how people live, what they eat and how they go about their daily lives.

It’s these differences you want to capture in your photos, so look for local fruits and veggies that are not available in your country. Be sure an get some photos of what’s inside these fruits, many vendors already have them displayed that way.


  • Always start by cleaning your lens first.

  • Get Selfies and Portraits with the venders & locals, as they are an important part of your Singapore story. Start a pleasant conversation with venders, inquire about the different fruits & veggies, maybe purchase some samples before asking to take a few selfies and photos. That way everyone benefits form the experience.

  • Don’t leave out the Wet Markets (Seafood And Meat sections), these locations offer many cool photo opportunities. Create some photos with the fish heads in the foreground and fishmongers in the background (TIP- Be sure your focus point is on the eyes of the fishmonger).

  • Never use a camera flash for these photos, as these folks are often using Knives & Clever’s…

  • Get photos of all the different fruits & Veggies normally not found in your country. Buy some to taste and be sure to photograph what's inside before you eat them.

  • Take a lot of different photos, you can always delete what do don't like later.



Singapore’s restaurants offer a wide variety of cuisines from countries not just around Asia, but from all over the world. There are great restaurants to satisfy the tastes & appetites of every traveler, from folks who have a budget$, To the Sky is the limit$$$$.

Personally I recommend you use your visit to the Lion City as an opportunity to discover new foods. Hence, If you’re from the west try all the wonderful Asian, Chinese, Indian and Malay foods. If you’re from the East then visit some of the many Western, European, South American or Middle Eastern restaurants Singapore has to offer.

In Singapore, the sky really can be the limit. Enjoy world class wines, imported beers or top shelf liquor at a Marina Bay Rooftop bar while enjoying the nightly laser show, or have a toast with a few pints at a Hawker and watch a football game with the local boys.

For a more moderately priced evening of Dinner & Drinks look into Chinatown, Little India or Kampong Glam as there are many restaurants & bars that offer great cuisine at reasonable prices that won't break the bank.

Below I've listed a few great restaurants along with their websites below.

Download PDF • 97KB


Closing Remarks

Ilonka and I hope you enjoye reading our Blogs at Singapore Street Shots, our goal is to make them informative and helpful in researching what to do in Singapore. Lastly we hope you created some fantastic memories and photos, found some new friends and learned something of Singapore’s fascinating history.


Mark Stevens & Ilonka Guenther

Business Owners, Photographers & Travelers

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At Singapore Street Shots our Blogs are meant to give you tips & advice for exploring Singapore and creating stunning photos. You will discover and photograph more if you do some research and create a good plan.

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