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TEMPLES-MOSQUES-CHURCHES Singapores Places of Worship

Discover & Photograph Singapore's Hidden Gems

You will discover more of the Lion City if you start-out with a good plan. At Singapore Street Shots our Blogs will help you discover Singapore’s hidden gems. We'll give you Information & tips for creating stunning photos and exploring Singapore's neighborhoods.


Faith... It's the cornerstone of Singapore Society. In Singapore Muslims, Buddhists, and Christians live together in mutual respect with each others beliefs. Its heart warming to see Singaporeans of different faiths convey good holiday wishes to their friends and neighbors during these celebrations. Singapore is a remarkable country...

In fact there are Public holidays celebrating significant events for all religions, and during these holidays everyone enjoys the day or two off from work and the festivities, regardless of your faith.

In this Blog we will provide you with valuable information and advice you will need to create a good plan for your excursions in and around the Lion City. We'll show you how to utilize Goggle Maps with the MRT & BUS systems and combine them with TAXI's to save you time and money.

Plus give you many great tips to help you create stunning photographs of Singapores incredible Places of Worship.

I've been photographing Singapore for 12 years, so I can tell you from experience the real hidden gems in Singapore are in the outlying neighborhoods. You will have to really get off the beaten trek to photograph these sites, but it's definitely worth the effort. I'll also list other great locations for photography near each site, along with some great options for lunch or dinner and places to take a break and cool off.

Religious Holidays

See our list below of Notable Festivals & Religious holidays. Here you will fined websites, locations, and Photography Tips to create stunning photos of Singapores Temples, Churches and Mosques on and off the beaten path.

Download PDF • 100KB

TIP- Temples, Churches & Mosques are decorated and look their best in Photos during their Holiday seasons.

TIP- You will have to either dress appropriately for the occasion or bring along a couple of shaw's. Ladies, you will have to cover your shoulders and legs. Men you may be required to cover your legs also, depending on the temple. Some temples have coverings you can use for a small fee, others do not have them available... Shoes, Sandals or Flip-flops must be left outside the Temple.

Important Note- Many tourists like to photograph these places of worship, so please be respectful while doing so. Upon entering look for signs about photography in these locations and obey all the rules. Some locations require a small fee for photography, and if not please consider leaving a small donation$.

Above all, if they do not allow photography don't do it. If they don't allow photography in particular locations or of certain artifacts, "Please obey their rules"....


Want to learn more about using the MRT & BUS system to quickly get around Singapore? See our Blog Using Singapore's MRT & BUS System to save time and money


Hindu and Buddhist Temples

Photographing Temples

It can be difficult for new photographers or the average tourist to get great photos of temples for a verity of reasons. Poor lighting combined with bright colors like Orange-Red-and Gold can give your photos an unsightly colorcast. Not to mention when you take photos inside there are so many deities & Statues and other Ornaments the viewer can't distinguish the subject in your photos. The tips below will help improve your photos and enable you to tell a better story.

Start by creating some nice architectural photos outside of the temple, try and get some distance even if you have to cross the street. look for any interesting foreground like bushes or flower gardens, utilize any fences or fence-walls as leading lines to add depth your photos. Also be sure and get shots from a number of different angles, so later on you can choose what works best.

Next move in closer to photograph statues, doorways & windows, and anything interesting before you enter the temple. Get close-ups, and don't forget the little things, and take lots go photos.

Note- There are numerous Temples-Churches-Mosques in Singapore, sorry but I cannot list them all in a Blog. In the list below are just some that I believe will photograph well. To find more locations please do your research. GOOGLE- Temples-Churches-Mosques in Singapore and checkout Google Maps.

TIPS- Use the 3 P's of Photography, Planning-Preparation-Patience... Plan your Day-trips well (Do your research), You will see and do more with a good plan. Prepare for your day, pack everything you'll need. Patience, Take your time at each location and enjoy the surroundings, give yourself time to think about your compositions.

  • Bring along a Hat & Polarized Sunglasses, sweat towel and a small Umbrella for Sun and rain.

  • Pack plenty of Tissues... For some reason tissues are not provided by many restaurant owners, Hawkers never provide them.

  • Pack change of cloths into your backpack, Shorts and a nice shirt. Ladies, maybe a nice Sundress is a good choice. Plus anything else you'll need. (If you decide to have Dinner & Drinks at a nice restaurant you'll appreciate a change of cloths).

  • A wide-angle lens will serve you well in Singapore. (12-35mm zoom or 20mm Prime).

  • Gray cards for calibrating your DSLR's custom white balance, this will eliminate the unsightly colorcast.

  • Bring a nice Mid-range zoom lens for low light like (24-70mm f2) for inside the temple.

  • Use filters like a Polarizing filter and or Natural Density filters in the bright sunshine.

  • Consider using your cameras HDR mode or Bracketing your photos for more dynamic range. (These modes also help minimize unsightly shadows).

  • Be sure to bring all the lenses and equipment you will need. Tripod, extra batteries, SD-cards, lens cleaning gear...

Below is a list of many of the most beautiful photogenic Temples in Singapore both on and off the beaten path. I hope you will venture out into this incredible country to photograph these beautiful Temples, and discover & explore the many hidden gems these neighborhoods have to offer.

Download PDF • 118KB

TIP- Eateries abound in all Singapores tourist sections, so finding a place to take a rest break & a cool drink is easy. This is a good chance to enjoy some local cuisine.


Singapore's Mosques

Islam came to Southeast Asia in the early 14th century through Arab and Indian traders, thus a strong Muslin community was formed in Singapore by early in the 19th century. At present the Singaporean population consists of about 16 % Muslims and they are an integral part of the diverse culture in todays modern Singapore society.

When exploring the main tourist areas in Chinatown-Little India & kampong Glam you can't miss these Mosques, as these magnificent colorful structures are a beacon in their neighborhoods, attracting many visitors every day.

Download PDF • 91KB


Want some help exploring Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam

Book a Singapore Street Shots Photo walk and let us help you create stunning photos for your Singapore story


Singapore Churches

Christianity in Singapore arrived with the Anglicans, who were among the first settlers with the British after modern Singapore was founded by Sir Stamford Raffles.

Today Christians make up about 19% of the local population, predominantly Protestants and Catholics.

Throughout the island you will find many Stunningly beautiful Catholic Churches of Neo-Gothic architecture and some with Chinese architecture, along with many churches constructed using a more modern style. Almost all have incredible artwork & gardens, along with beautiful stain-glass windows.

You can almost always photograph the gardens and grounds, but you'll need to check if its okay to photograph inside... Usually its not an issue, but its best to ask before you start.

There are numerous Churches in Singapore, sorry but I cannot list them all in a Blog. In the list below are some that I know will photograph well. To find more please do your research.

Download PDF • 85KB

TIP- Just Google- Catholic Churches in Singapore or Temples in Singapore or Mosques in Singapore and checkout Google Maps.



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Mark Stevens & Ilonka Guenther

Business Owners, Photographers & Travelers



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