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Updated: Mar 17

Discover and Photograph Singapore's Hidden Gems

Hillman99 / ManHill Restaurant

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to tell you about our Blogs at Singapore Street Shots Photo tours. First our blogs lean towards a longer read (5-10 minutes), as they are meant to help you do your research and plan your trip to Singapore. They are packed full of PDF.files with tonnes of Info about Singapore’s neighborhoods.

In our blogs you’ll find helpful information about Singapore and incredible sites you can visit and photograph, everything from Temples-Churches & Mosques to Hawkers-Markets & Restaurants. Plus tips to help you utilize Singapore’s world class Mass Transit System (MRT) and Bus system to save you time & money.

Second, we give you TIPS for creating better photos so your friends and family back home will love the photos you post.

Lastly, we want to help you get off the beaten path and truly discover more of Singapore....


  1. Singapore Skyline Panorama's

  2. Kampong Glam

  3. Singapore's Chinatown

  4. Using Singapore's MRT & BUS System to save time and money

  5. SINGAPORE SHOPHOUSES - Telling your Singapore story with photos.

  6. Great Singapore Shophouse locations

  7. Temples-Mosques-Churches Singapores Places of Worship

  8. Singapore's Little India

  9. Hawkers-Markets & Restaurants

  10. Singapore - Off the Beaten Path

  11. A Rainy Day Holiday in Singapore

  12. DRESSING FOR SECCESS - Look good and Feel good on your day-trip



  15. Tips for Travelers - Capture your Memories with Pictures

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