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Spend some time traveling and you’ll become a different person, a better person for sure… Without question the best thing about traveling is the learning experience. You'll discover new lands, new cultures and make good friends. Which is why creating good photos that tell your story is so important.

So what is travel photography anyway? Mostly it's about everything you see and experience on your journey.

In this blog I’ll touch on seven categories which you'll find important to photograph as you explore the world. Plus, I’ll give you some great tips for creating better photos in these categories…

  1. Architecture

  2. Landscape/Cityscape

  3. Cultural Street Photography

  4. Portraits (Locals)

  5. Food/Cuisine

  6. Wildlife

  7. Flora & Fauna

Lastly we encourage you to get off the beaten path and take the road less travelled. If you're looking for information about taking the road less travelled in Singapore see our blog Singapore - Off the Beaten Path 




Architectural- Modern or historical, architecture can define a city. So be on the lookout for unique buildings and create great photos of both. There are lots of great ways to create stunning photos of Architecture.

  • TIPS- You can use a wide angle lens and look for interesting angles for creative shots.

  • Merge photos into one great shot. In the photo above I used 5 shots from a 50mm lens to create this panorama or you can use the pano function on your Smartphone.

If you are interested in discovering more about Singapore's Historical Architecture see our blog SINGAPORE SHOPHOUSES  and Great Singapore Shophouse locations


Landscape / Cityscape

Most of us can recognize a city in a photo just by the Skyline. In almost every city you will find great locations for landscape & cityscape photos.

  • TIPS- Panorama's are a fantastic way to show off a cityscape. Today most Phones have a pano function, so if possible create some nice pano's.

  • Search for different foregrounds to add interest and depth to your photos, like marinas and rivers, if possible wait for boats to pass by and add them in the foreground.

  • Try and create some sunset and nighttime photos as well.

  • Many cities have rooftop restaurants and bars that can offer great spots for City Scape photos. Plus great food and cocktails.

  • DO'S and DONT'S- Never photograph where there are signs posted NO PHOTOGRAPHY.

Looking for more information on creating stunning Cityscape's in Singapore see our blog Singapore Skyline Panorama's 


Cultural Street Photography

Cultural Street Photography- Here you want to photograph anything that conveys the culture of the country you’re exploring. Be on the lookout for street performances like Lion dances and Puppet shows and other cultural dance performances, as these will almost always yield stunning once in a lifetime photos.

  • TIPS- In many cases the dancers and performers are willing to take photos after the show is over. Sometimes they ask a small fee or it can be free, if not please leave a nice tip. Whatever you do do not take photos without paying or tipping...

  • Also, don’t forget to get close up photographs of the little things you discover strolling through the streets. Look for souvenirs, windows & shutters, doorways, doors, door knobs, anything that represents a cultural aspect… you get the idea!

  • DO'S and DONT'S- If someone asks not to be photographed, respect their wishes.

  • Never photograph children or folks that are down on their luck, parents won't like it so it's best not to do it. Don't worry as you'll have amble opportunities for other great photos.

If you want more information on Singapore see our blogs Singapore's Chinatown Singapore's Little India



Portraits (Local People)- Stunning portraits of local people can really help tell the story of whatever city you’re discovering. In his younger days, the gentleman above could've been anything, a policeman or fireman, a laborer or factory worker, a banker or businessman. However at this time and in this photo, he's setting atop a rickshaw and ferrying customers around Chang Mai Thailand.

I think it's interesting that despite the differences in cultures we are drawn to the similarities we all have in common.

  • TIPS- For better results ask permission before taking your portraits, It also helps if you start up a little conversation before asking permission, if they are cooperative move them to some nearby shade for a better photo. and always focus on the dominant eye for portraits.

  • If you are going to use flash let your subject know, so they are not surprised.

  • DO'S and DONT'S- Don't make Portraits of people without asking permission.

  • Never photograph children or folks that are down on their luck, parents won't like it so it's best not to do it.



Food/Cuisine- The variety of different foods you will find on the streets around the world is amazing, and the amount & availability in many cities can be overwhelming. This is especially true in Asia, and Singapore is no exception. In fact you will find street food specialties form every Asian country available in Singapore, and I encourage you to try as many dishes as possible. After all, you can have all the pizza, hamburgers and fish & chips you want when you get back home.

That said everyone loves photos of street food and exotic cuisine, so don’t miss out on these photos opportunities.

  • TIPS- Take a little time and setup your dishes for a better photo, clear away any unwanted items and photograph around a 45 degree angle.

  • Always bring along plenty of tissues as in Asia most eateries do not supply napkins.

  • Chopping your seat at a Hawker table. In Asia, Singapore included you can reserve a seat at a table by leaving a pack of tissues. Some will leave their Phone or computer. This is referred to as Chopping.

  • DO'S and DONT'S- Do not take a seat at a table that has been Chopped! This is considered Rude, and may result in an altercation.

  • Don't enter a Hawker Stahl to photograph or video. This is not allowed and there are strict laws concerning hygiene that the owner must adhere too.

  • Don't leave your table cluttered with dirty dishes and napkins when you leave. Most Hawkers have Used Dish Carts located close by, so place your used dishes there before you leave.

If you want more information on where to find great local cuisine in Singapore see our blog Singapore-Hawkers-Markets & Restaurants



Wildlife/local- Animals large & small from distant lands are always fascinating. It's a photo opportunity you won't want to miss.

  • TIPS- A long lens and a fast shutter speed will yield sharper photos.

  • Birds and small animals can always be found in local parks and botanical gardens. But for larger animals checkout Game reserves and wetlands.

  • Zoo's and Bird parks like the Singapore Zoo and the Mandi Bird Park are great opportunities for guaranteed easy photos of wildlife and Birds.

  • DO'S and DONT'S- Never feed wildlife, even birds. In most countries there are strict laws about doing so.

  • Never get too close to wild animals even if they seem tame, especially for a Selfie! Wild animals can be dangerous.


Flora & Fauna

Flora & Fauna- Natures diverse creations capture the attention of us all, it's something we all admire and love to photograph.

  • TIPS- Try and avoid taking your photos in the bright Mid-day sun 12-3:00pm as the bright sun washes out the colors. If you have to shoot during this time try using some filters like a Polarizer filter or a Nutural density filter.

  • To get really great photos try the local Botanical Gardens and Parks, here you’ll find flora & fauna that is well maintained and arranged nicely. Look for waterfalls and bridges as they look great in your photos. It’s also a great location to find wildlife, birds, reptiles and small animals.

  • DO'S and DONT'S- Never pick the Flora & Fauna or pick up the Seeds. If they are found in your baggage while visiting other countries or returning home it will usually be considered a violation.


Closing Remarks

Ilonka and I hope you enjoy reading our Blogs at Singapore Street Shots. Our goal is to make them informative and helpful in researching what to do in Singapore.

We hope you created some fantastic memories and photos, find some new friends and learn something of Singapore’s fascinating history.

Lastly we encourage you to take the road less traveled and get off the beaten path Singapore - Off the Beaten Path 


Mark Stevens & Ilonka Guenther

Business Owners, Photographers & Travelers

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